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Explore our special offers for Volvo compact machines

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Volvo compact machines score with reliable built and trought trough design. Profit from out immedialy available machine stock and stop worring about maintenance and repairs. With our special offer you can rely on Ascendum because include a service agreement GOLD for:

  • Compact excavators Volvo EC18, EC25DFL and ECR50F for 3 years
  • Compact wheel loaders Volvo L30G, L45H and L50H for 3 year or max. 2000 working hours

Our special “Small but smart” offer is only valid for started Volvo models until 31.12.2023 and until stock lasts.

Small but smart

The Volvo EC18 mini-excavator benefits with it´s smart handling. The 1.8 ton excavator is easy to transport and scores with low operating cost. Even for it´s small size the EC18 has a powerful lifting capacity. The Volvo ECR25DFL with it´s 2.5 tons operating weight is the best compact excavators in performance for narrow spaces. Even with it´s short tail, it´s working steady and is still mobile.

The Volvo L30G is a versatile loader for different applications in construction as well as fork lifting, snow clearing and all small transports at your facilities. Best options to directly up your new compact from our yard.

Rely on Ascendum Service

Only for choosen compact machines, we offer a service agreement of the category GOLD on top for 3 years or for compact wheel loaders up to max. 2000 working hours. The GOLD service agreement covers repairs with original parts, maintenance materials like filters, gaskets etc., particulate filter maintenance, MATRIS equipment analysis report, annual inspection in compliance with manufracturers guidelines, manufacturer’s telematics system, working time for service technicians during business hours, additional costs as well as travel to and from the site. Rely on Ascendum and stop worring about your uptime. We maintain, you work, you profit!


Available from Ascendum stock

Ready, steady, build! We have choosen compact machines immediatly available for. Start your next project now. Within the central european Ascendum network we have a varity of compact machines available for you. Don´t worry about delivery times and save the waiting time.

Volvo quality

Volvo compact machines score with the practical and durable design. The Volvo EC18, ECR25DFL and ECR50F are well tested and popular in landscaping and narrow construction sites. The compact wheel loaders L30G, L45H and L50H are versatile loaders that equipped with the right attachment have a variety of application areas from transport, construction to snow clearing.

Included service agreement

Only for the “small but smart” offer you get special conditions that include a servide agreement of the category GOLD for 3 years. Within this 3 years the working hours for compact excavators are unlimited. For wheel loaders limited up to 2000 working hours.
You can rely on Ascendum service! Invest in your new compact now.

Our SMALL BUT SMART offer is valid for

Volvo Baumaschine CEX EC18E


Operating weight: 1.810 kg
Engine: Volvo D0.9A
Gross power: 12 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.01 – 0.05 

Volvo Baumaschine CEX ECR25D


Cabin: closed
Operating weight: 2.490-2.960 kg
Engine: Volvo D1.1A
Gross power: 15.6 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.03 – 0.12 

Volvo Baumaschine ECR50F


Operating weight: 5.050 kg
Engine: D2.4A
Gross power: 31.2 kW
Bucket capacity: 0.11 

Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L30g T4f


Operating weight: 2.500 kg
Engine: D3.3H
Gross power: 55.4 kW
Bucket capacity: 1 

Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L45h High Speed Walkaround


Operating weight: 8.670 kg
Engine: Volvo D4J
Gross power: 75 kW
Bucket capacity: 1,4 

Volvo Find Compact Wheel Loader L50h High Speed Walkaround


Operating weight: 9.500 kg
Engine: D4J
Gross power: 87 kW
Bucket capacity: 1,6 

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